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The Development Studio
Variety Of Tools To Boost Your Marketing
Variety Of Tools To Boost Your Marketing
  • keyboard_arrow_rightNumerical Calculators
  • keyboard_arrow_rightOutcome Quizzes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightGraded Tests / Assessments
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEcommerce Recommendations
  • keyboard_arrow_rightPolls
  • keyboard_arrow_rightChatbots
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSurveys
All Layouts Are Heavily Optimized For
All Layouts Are Heavily Optimized For
  • keyboard_arrow_rightConversion
  • keyboard_arrow_rightEngagement
  • keyboard_arrow_rightMultiple Screen Sizes
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDifferent Browsers
  • keyboard_arrow_rightShare Rates
Layouts have been optimized through intensive A/B testing.
Bring Out Your Brand
Bring Out Your Brand
  • keyboard_arrow_rightYour Logo
  • keyboard_arrow_rightYour Colors
  • keyboard_arrow_rightYour Assets (images, icons etc.)
  • keyboard_arrow_rightYour Fonts
  • keyboard_arrow_rightYour Style
The look and feel can be easily customized to showcase your brand.
Powerful Funnel Analytics
Powerful Funnel Analytics
  • keyboard_arrow_rightConversion Rate At Each Stage
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSection and Question Level Funnel Charts
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDetailed Analytics For Each User
Identify patterns and drop-off points so you can increase your conversion rates.
Branching Logic
Branching Logic
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUnlimited Branches For Each Question
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAnd/Or Logic
  • keyboard_arrow_rightSend To A Specific Question Or Result
Send respondents down different paths based on their responses.
Conditional Messaging
Conditional Messaging
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDifferent Messages For Different Results
  • keyboard_arrow_rightUnlimited Result Conditions
  • keyboard_arrow_rightAdd Images, Videos To Each Message
Show result-specific messages to make your calculators and quizzes more personalized.
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Smart Builder Accelerates Development to Minutes Smart Builder Accelerates Development to Minutes
Smart Builder Accelerates Development to Minutes

Smart Builder Accelerates Development to Minutes

Easily craft questions and options with an easy-to-use intuitive interface.
  • Text InputText Input
  • Single Select, Multi SelectSingle Select, Multi Select
  • Numeric SliderNumeric Slider
  • Opinion Scale, RatingOpinion Scale, Rating
  • Date/Time PickerDate/Time Picker
  • File UploadFile Upload and more
Easily Create Complex Formulas Easily Create Complex Formulas
Easily Create Complex Formulas

Easily Create Complex Formulas

Calculate anything and everything you learned in your Statistics/Math classes.
  • Mortgages, Bonds, InterestMortgages, Bonds, Interest
  • If/else and nested if StatementsIf/else and nested if Statements
  • Upload Maths from ExcelUpload Math from Excel
  • Percentages and DiscountsPercentages and Discounts
Easily Create Complex Formulas Easily Create Complex Formulas
Engage with Graphs and Charts
Engage with Graphs and Charts
Engage with Graphs and Charts
Engage withGraphs and Charts
Engage with Graphs and Charts

Engage with Graphs and Charts

Increase interactivity with dynamic charts based on user inputs.
  • Line ChartsLine Charts
  • Pie ChartsPie Charts
  • TablesTables
  • Bar ChartsBar Charts
  • Radar / Polar ChartsRadar / Polar Charts
Multiple Results

Multiple Results

Want to show the total cost, discounted costs, total savings, and how many trees will be saved? No problem!

Real-time Results

Real-time Results

Want to get more interactive and show the results in real time? One click can let you do that!

End-to-End Analytics

End-to-End Analytics

Get complete information about the users who used your calculator. Complete funnel visualization.

Embed Anywhere
Full Screen Full Screen

Fullscreen responsive pages. Optimized to work for all screen sizes and devices.

Iframe Embed Iframe Embed

Embed your interactive experience on your blog or site, without diverting visitors.

Embed as Popup Embed as a Popup

Embed your interactive experience inside a popup or inside of a slide in.

Embed as Popup Embed as a Chatbot

Have your interactive experience open up as a chat-window on your website.

Boost Your Marketing
Close the Marketing Loop Close the Marketing Loop
  • keyboard_arrow_right Personalized Confirmation Emails
  • keyboard_arrow_right Dynamic Text
  • keyboard_arrow_right Segment leads & assign to different campaigns

Send marketing emails with personalized text right from our development studio.

Generate New Targeted Leads Generate New Targeted Leads
  • keyboard_arrow_right Flexible Lead Gen
  • keyboard_arrow_right Optimized For Conversion
  • keyboard_arrow_right Multiple Form Field Options

Generate rich, targeted leads at any stage of your calculator.

Improve Social Footprint Improve Social Footprint
  • keyboard_arrow_right Add Share Call-To-Actions
  • keyboard_arrow_right Embed Like & Follow Buttons
  • keyboard_arrow_right Share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Step up your social game with just one click. It really is that simple!

Over 1000 Integrations
Easily Integrate with over 1000 sales & marketing tools
integration image Google Sheets
integration image Aweber
integration image Mailchimp
integration image Marketo
integration image Hubspot
integration image GetResponse
integration image Emma
integration image MailerLite
integration image Pardot
integration image Salesforce
integration image Active Campaign
integration image Drip
Teams Teams

Easily collaborate with your colleagues while managing access and permissions.

Agency Accounts Agency Accounts

Run an agency? No Problem. Manage your clients' calculators with an agency account.

Support Support

Get 24/7 access to our expert support team for anything you need.

SSL Secure SSL Secure

All interactive content is secured via SSL to ensure safety of client data.

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